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And today.


I was looking through my flickr and found this photo

Jenny and Jenny. We know how to dress.
I miss you! Go to Uppsala. Ok. Good.
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I’m going to order this little girl on the 17th when Lati opens. Can’t say I agree with the price they put on her, or that you get the clothes “as a gift” when the price is $270. Right.
But her eyes. Oh the doom is upon us.

“Lati white SP Bayer”

Another date with the veterinarian..


So, today is our second date with our veterinarian (that sounds very much like vegetarian..). I must also buy the cat more special food, as they only sell it over there. Bye, bye money.

It was total zombie-mode this morning. Matt woke me up at 7.20 and I just couldn’t wake up. I was awake, but I couldn’t open my eyes. It was wonderful. I manage to get up, pricked the cat in her ear (at a weird place, must have been blind), then crawled right back to bed┬á (dreamt that Matt had given the cat 4 units instead of 2) and woke up at 10. I have to leave work around 1.. so success on today.

I’m hoping that Kissen has gained some weight, it looks like she has.. but you can’t really trust your eyes on that one. I think they’ll want to give her more units / time. Her blood sugar is still high. Still she’s much more active now, yesterday she was running around chasing Matt and being all weird and lovely.

Another blood test.


I’m lucky to have such a good cat. I think she’s just gotten tired of it 3 times, which means she bites you in the hand.
(Turn off or lower the sound)

Love = cat


I had to fix my head today.


Bleaching is not fun. So it ends up looking like this until I feel like doing something about it

And then after one hour of wishing there were magical invisible fingers scratching my head

(elf ears grew out during the bleach)

My eyes aren’t blue either. Photoshop does magical things. While on the subject of eyes. I went to the optician yesterday. I was there a week ago checking my eyes and getting a new prescription for contacts, but when I was about to order them online it said my type wasn’t being made anymore. That should have been something the optician knew about.

Any ways, this other optician gave me another kind, which I got for free. He said he could see a sign after a little infection in my eye, which I haven’t noticed at all and he was being weird about me saying I hadn’t felt anything strange. Kinda weird that the other optician didn’t see that a week ago. Especially since he said my eyes looked PERFECT.

So, lesson for today is opticians can’t be trusted. Mhm.



From modcloth.com. I think they are pretty brilliant.